[RINGS] nov 4 17

Beautiful Agony - Rings

Video 2048 x 2048 pixels

10:00 min

5.1 Audio

October 2017



The Beautiful Agony video series, uses found footage of video erotic representations, these are edited in such a way that the original image is not distinguished, then the videos are repeated in a sequence that varies according to each installation. In this version "Rings" is planned to get proyected in a dome, wall, floor or ceiling. The video starts at the center and each subsequent ring is the same video one second out of phase.


Cinema and television have generated very specific codes regarding the way in which sexuality is represented, to a large extent, they take the sexual act under two opposites: as a romantic event or as a violent act, by polarizing the relationships under these repetitive signifiers, the breadth of meanings that a human relationship has gets lost.


The first step of this work is to destroy this repetitive representation, to generate a new image where the visual elements only give a small information of the original video

As a second step we have the automated creation of a generative soundtrack, the music is automatically generated randomly from the audio of the original material, by repeating 16 times the same video every second, loud sounds generate rhythms, while musical instruments can maintain notes, generate chords, variations of a melody, or just noise.


Within a predominantly visual society, it is important to reconsider the images established by the mass media and dismantle these representations to offer a space where meanings are not learned or forced. In this piece, by destroying the image, the spectator tries to reconstruct it, only by failing in that attempt and continuing to see it, tehy will find that it is simply a contemplative work that can generate emotions as varied as: Peace, intensity, tension, disorientation, violence, confusion , emotion, sadness, joy or eroticism. Decomposing the image allows to be received individually with an open and personal meaning, unlike the original image that implied an specific position and meaning.






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